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Umbrella Insurance

California business owners are some of the most successful entrepreneurs and self-starters in the country. For many business owners, they invest most of their assets and savings into these businesses to ensure their prosperity and provide a way of life for themselves. Below are the reasons that many of these business owners are turning to umbrella insurance coverage from Argos Insurance Services.

Asset Protection

As the business owner, your personal and business assets could be subjected to cover any bodily injury or property damage where your business was responsible. Assets include everything from savings accounts to business equipment that can be sold in an attempt to cover damage costs. This can also be an issue with an accident that occurs at your home or on the road. There are many risks you take when neglecting extended liability.

Variety Coverage

An umbrella plan works with policies you already have in place to extend liability for auto, home, or commercial policies. For businesses that provide service in various locations or travel, this can be very beneficial to cover liability situations that may not be included in your standard policy. This can also help with catastrophic accidents that occur at your home or on the road.

Available for All Businesses and Personal Reasons

From the smallest business with minimal employees to a home of four, umbrella insurance is available for commercial businesses and people alike in California. It is our goal to offer this type of protection for all of our customers, no matter the size of their business, needs at home, or other personal reasons. Having additional coverage is always a bonus and can often be the difference between staying open and closing the doors.

Secure Your Business Today

We appreciate all of our customers who strive to protect their personal life and business. At Argos Insurance Services, our umbrella insurance policy is one of those protections that we make available for our customers. If you are interested in opening a policy, or updating your current policy, contact one of our agents today for more information.