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Life Insurance

Even after our passing, we can still leave behind obligations that could affect our loved ones financially. With a life insurance policy from Argos Insurance Services, you can develop a plan that will take care of any debt you may have after you pass. Below are some of the uses for your life insurance policy.

Final Costs

Whatever your burial and funeral service preferences are, you can have your final wishes carried out the way you choose. Use your life insurance policy to cover any services at the funeral home. If you would like a plaque or tombstone at your grave, set aside a certain amount to ensure this is covered.

Outstanding Debt

Do you still carry a mortgage on your home? Even in your death, that will not be eliminated, and it will be up to the family to maintain these payments. Because a life insurance policy is as versatile as you need it to be, you can include enough money in your policy to cover the cost of your home. This will eliminate the burden on your family members.


Would you like to leave those you love with one last gift? If so, you can include a certain amount in your life insurance policy to be an inheritance for your beneficiaries. Whether you want to leave money for fun or want them to use it for something particular, the choice is yours. You can guarantee that their college education is covered even after you are no longer with them.

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If you are a California resident and you do not currently have a life insurance policy, now is the time to visit or call our agents at Argos Insurance Services. We understand the need for life insurance and want to allow each of our clients to find the policy they need for their families. Contact us today for more information and a quote.