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About Argos Insurance Services

Joel Alexander, the owner of Argos Insurance Services had a vision about the type of insurance office he wanted to own.  His vision was to have an office where a customer could both insure and register their car in one visit to his offices.  In addition, he did not want clients to feel like they were being charged exorbitant fees for the services provided, such as broker or commission fees.

Many people may not know that all insurance agents are, for the most part paid the same.  Us insurance agents are paid a commission percentage from the insurance carriers based on the policies we sell to the client.  The commissions average 10-15% and are not directly charged to the client in their policy.  Many people believe that the commissions are then passed down to the client but this is hard to quantify, as in many cases one can find better rates with a broker, like Argos, than they can through direct carriers where a commission is not being paid to an agent.

 When Joel first started in the insurance industry, he was a captive agent with Farmers Insurance.  Although he enjoyed the corporate feeling of being an agent for large well-known company, he felt restricted to only being able to assist the clients that Farmers Insurance wanted to insure.  Argos Insurance services clients from many walks of life with different types of coverage levels and driving records.  When an agent is direct with one carrier, they can only offer clients insurance who have met the criteria of that company and this did not jive with Joel's vision.

Argos Insurance prides itself of offering insurance to almost anyone who walks through the door or calls in.  A lot of our clients own homes and businesses and need more comprehensive insurance solutions, but then again many clients are just starting out as drivers or have had some hiccups on their driving records.  Each person is treated with the same amount of respect and dignity as any other client and no broker fees are charged to either type of client.  There are some situations where clients are charged a fee for specialty policies for one day events or travel insurance but they are the same fees for all clients.

Going back to Joel's vision,  he wants all clients to feel that we are being fair with them no matter where they come from, what language they speak or what their financial status is.  Thank you.