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Renters Insurance

Many residents in California enjoy the ability to rent apartments or homes without the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance to the structure. However, when accidents happen, the home insurance that the landlord carries will only cover their property and the structure. With Argos Insurance Services, renters can protect their belongings when tragedy strikes.

Personal Property Protection

From your clothes, electronics, furniture, and supplied appliances, tragedy in the home you are renting can happen beyond your control. In this event, your items may become damaged and need to be replaced. When this happens, your only protection for replacement other than paying out-of-pocket is renters insurance. With this policy, the value of the property you own can be reimbursed for replacement. Attempting to replace all of these items while having to relocate can be financially daunting, and exhaust assets that you were not planning to utilize. A landlord's policy will not cover your belongings.

Temporary Relocation

Has the event made your home uninhabitable? If so, you may not be able to stay at your residence while they fix your apartment or house. In that case, you will need temporary lodging, which is covered with a renter insurance policy. Becoming displaced can be financially exhausting and may force you to settle for less than desirable living conditions, or have to ask a friend. With renters insurance, you can relocate comfortably and maintain a quality lifestyle while your dwelling is renovated.

This is also available if your rental property cannot be renovated due to the extent of the damage, and you are unexpectedly forced out of your home. While you seek out permanent housing, your temporary housing costs may be covered.

Get Your Renters Insurance Today

If you are renting in California and don't have renters insurance, contact Argos Insurance Services today to get the policy that you need. One of our agents will assist you in choosing a policy and comparing quotes.